Experience the Extraordinary at Complete MD

I had the most comfortable experience at complete MD. I got microneedling done with Dr.Maggo & Preet. I absolutely loved how I was educated and guided through the entire process. Pretty confident this will yield better results than my expectations.

- N.M

Absolutely wonderful experience at the Complete MD Family Practice and Med Spa. Dr. Maggo is incredible she is caring, empathetic and works with you to improve and address your unique health needs. She takes the time to be present and explain everything to you in a clear and transparent manner. They have a wonderful team of individuals who are so welcoming and always greet you with smile including nurse Preet and Donna who are exceptional! This office is beautiful, exceptionally clean, and aesthetically pleasing! I would highly recommend this clinic!!

- H HM

Dr. Maggo and Team gives me the best experiences! Patient care and treatments are professional. They are always on time. Each visit is personal to what I need. Highly recommended!

- N.s.j

Dr. Maggo is the family doctor for myself, my mom, and my daughter. She has been our family doctor for the past several years and is awesome!!! She was my doctor through my pregnancy, and cared for me after delivery and now is my toddler’s family doctor. My daughter loves her too as she has a great bedside manner with children. She is very attentive, and truly cares about her patients. I feel very confident and comfortable going to her with any medical question or ailment. She is very patient and lets you share all your concerns freely and allows you to take your time. She never rushes you and is always pleasant.

- H M

Dr Gunjan Maggo, is our family doctor. She is very humane in the delivery of medical care to my family. She is always responsive and never tired of responding to questions or give clarification when we require same.

- A A

Dr Maggo is my family doctor. When I first saw her I was diagnosed with scleroderma and I felt scared and overwhelmed. Dr Maggo was patient, kind and supportive. Dr Maggo is highly professional and makes sure that she keeps up with the research, and that I have the needed team of doctors. I have never had a doctor who checks in with me when I have had a variety of tests, or when I am sick.

Dr Maggo always makes me feel better either in person or on a phone appointment. I only wish Dr Maggo had been my doctor for years before now.

- E T

My family and I recently switched our family doctor to Dr. Gunjan Maggo’s practice and we’ve been thrilled with her attention to detail and thorough care. Especially throughout the pandemic, she has been excellent with phone consults and I could email her any questions and or concerns I had and she’d respond within 24 hours. If anyone is looking for a professional and attentive family physician in the Peel area, I would highly recommend her!

- M M

I’ve only had good experiences with the clinic. I was referred to Dr Gunjan Maggo in February 2021 when my previous family doctor relocated. She was more than willing to take me on as a new patient immediately. Since then she has only treated me with kindness and compassion, always ready to listen to my concerns and help me in any way that she can. She has demonstrated that being my family doctor is not just a job to her.

Thanks Dr Maggo, you are appreciated! 🙂

- G O

When my doctor retired about 5 years ago I didn’t know what I was going to do until we met dr. Maggo she is a great doctor. Very knowledgeable and Listens to her patients. We made my elderly mom and my elderly in-laws all become her patients. I don’t know what I would have done without her urgency when my daughters heart was beating out of her chest.


Our family loves Dr Maggo. She is caring, prompt follow ups and always available when needed. Importantly knows her job. We have lived in many countries and experienced many family doctors. She is our favourite. The location is also very convenient to drop by for a visit. We continue to recomend our friends and family to her. From the Menezes 5

- T M